Welcome to the 2022 Tidewater Golfweek Amateur Tour Season

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The Tidewater Golfweek Amateur Tour took to Beechwood Country Club in Ahoskie, NC for the 14th tournament of 2022. Congrats to all the Flight winners and Day Money winners.

Below are the Day Monies from the tournament. Tournament results should be posted by Monday, and any players wishing to move down a flight should notify the Tour Director at that time via email.
In the Championship Flight, Matthew Spruill (76-76) won in a playoff over Charles Hammer (75-77), coming in third was Dennis Nelson (81-77). Spruill earned his seventh victory of the tour season after winning at Beechwood for his fifth win in a row.

In the A Flight, Jeff Knapstein (79-76) won in a playoff over Terrance Bordley (78-77). Coming in third was Arthur Lewis (79-81). Knapstein won on the first Sudden Death Playoff Hole #18 for his first victory of the 2022 Tour Season.

In the B Flight, Carlos Quinones (78-84) won by one stroke over Paul Herrin (85-78). Coming in third was Zach Call (78-86). This victory was Quinones's first of the 2022 Tour Season. Quinones made Birdie on his 17th hole (#8) which was key to moving into a tie, and then taking the victory at Beechwood.

In the C Flight, Matt Coleman (86-80) won by three strokes over Chris Barnett (85-84). This victory was Coleman's first of the 2022 Tour Season. Coming in third was Mike Mercado (85-88).

In the D Flight, John Cycyk (87-85) won by nine strokes over Jon Martin (91-90). Coming in third was Dre Beaufort (93-90). This victory was Cycyk's second of the 2022 Tour Season.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist in any way that we can...

Lyle Joyner
Tidewater Tour Director

Nicole Joyner
Director of Tournament Operations


What are some 2022 Tidewater Tour changes....
  1. Pay Structure Matrix Link-Prize Pay Outs will be by Flight Size starting in 2022
  2. All ties for placing and prize pay-outs are done using the #1 Handicap Hole and back. (Placement will not be split among multiple players) 1st Place Tie will result in a on course Playoff, and all others would split the prize amounts based on placement.
  3. ONE-BALL RULE IS IN EFFECT IN 2022- The ball the player plays must be named on the current List of Conforming Golf Balls issued by the United States Golf Association. Players must have a marking on the ball they place in play. Note: The GWAT National Championship is played with the One-Ball Rule in effect. (Model Local Rule 8:G-4) - Starting in 2022 the Tidewater Tour will play the One Ball Rule.
  4. No Greens Books will be allowed during tournament play in 2022!
  5. Part of the entry fee goes towards the Final Season Prizes Per Flight based on the Final Point Standings after Kingsmill Local Final (1st: $500 ; 2nd: $300 ; 3rd: $200 ; 4th: $100).
  6. The Final Flight 8 or 16 Players will have a chance to compete in a Match Play Bracket following the Kingsmill Local Final. (Ex. 32 or less in Final Standings = Top 8, 33 or more in Final Standings = Top 16)