Tom and I thank all the players for a great 2023 season.

Preparations for the 2023 Golfweek Amateur Tour National Championship are underway!!!
The 2023 National Championship will be held October 13-15 with a flighted skins game on October 12. For more information on details of National Championship week, use the buttons below

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The 2023 National Championship in Hilton Head Starts IN:

DC Metro 2023 Flight Points Winners


Weather shortened the DC Metro 2023 Season Finals to 27-holes, but the play was close and competitive. The weekend started out as a beautiful late-summer day, with no weather forecast for inclement weather or rain for the weekend, however, as usual the weather forecast changed late on Saturday to pretty much 100% chance on Sunday. 42 golfers from two (2) Golfweek Amateur Tours: DC Metro (49) and Richmond (1), tee'd off in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania @ the Penn National Golf Club. On Saturday the golfers tee'd off on the immaculate Iron Forge course. While the course was pretty much open, the rough and greens caused man problems. The rough was daunting and the green slippery fast. On Sunday, it rained from the 1st group to tee off until the last groups finished the front nine. By the time group 1 got the hole #8, the greens has almost became unplayable. All groups were directed to move the ball on the green to a location no closer to the holes in order to miss the massive puddles that began to form. With the forecast calling for heavier rain around 1330, the goal became to have all groups complete a minimum of nine-holes to ensure the round could count for the final.

Penn National Golf Club Champ Flight Winner

Lance Keiser

In the Champ-Flight, Lance Keiser shot a 27-hole total of 111 (+3) to hold of Tony Bostick who shot 117 (+9) by 6-strokes.

Penn National Golf Club A-Flight Winner

Ben Devine

In A-Flight through 27 holes, Ben Devine, 122 (+14) held off Keith Gibert, 123 (+15) by 1-stroke; Imee Stackhouse, 125 (+17) by 3-strokes; Mike Cuff, 128 (+20) by 6-strokes and Joe Rapp, 134 (+26) by 12 strokes.

Penn National Golf Club B-Flight Winner

Craig Crowley

In a crowded B-Flight Field of 16 players through 27 holes, Craig Crowley, 122 (+14) held off Steve Ogletree, 123 (+15) by 1-stroke; Esdras Garcia-Caban, 124 (+16) by two-strokes; James Briggs, 127 (+19) 5-strokes, and Fredy Carreon, 129 (+21) by 7-strokes. Esdras beat Max Shapiro by 18-strokes on day one to break the tie and claim the trophy from the previous weeks Stonewall tournament.

Penn National Golf Club C-Flight Winner

Thomas LeMense

In C-Flight through 27-holes, Thomas LeMense, 128 (+20) held off Titus Simmons, 129 (+21); Carlos Mosquera, 140 (+32) and Josh Silver, 140 (+32) by 11-strokes. Stu Hopkins, 141 (+33) and Alex Giles, 142 (+33) rounded out the Top-5.

Penn National Golf Club D-Flight Winner

Jay Thompson

In the D-Flight, through 27-holes, Jay Thompson, 136 (+28) bested Ken Mutzabaugh (Richmond), 138 (+30) by 2-strokes. Thompson Sawyer, 144 (+36); Wille Gray, 144 (+36) and Tyler Patterson, 144 (+36) finished in a 3-way tie 8-strokes back. Tom finished 3rd, Willie 4th and Tyler 5the in the money based on the tie-break.

(NOTE) The D-Flight Trophy from Stonewall was won by Jay Thompson based on his low D-Flight score on Day 1, however, he presented the trophy to Dee Hancock as she had he low score of the Day through 7- holes at Stonewall. That was a great gesture.

Skins-CTP-50/50 (SU2C) Payouts

Note for all skins, the pot was halved for the 1st nine holes. The other half was put to a player vote to either be raffled or added to the 2023 SU2C donation. The vote was to add the balance from each flight/super skins half to the DC Metro SU2C donation! Thanks to all the players for this gesture.

Super Skins ($89.00)

Mike Cuff #2 (Birdie) - Paid

Esdras Garcia-Caban #3 (Birdie) - Paid

Lance Keiser #5 (Birdie) - Paid

$267 Donated to SU2C

Champ/A Skins ($25.00)

Mike Cuff #2 (Birdie) - Paid

Lance Keiser #5 (Birdie) - Paid

$50 Donated to SU2C

B-Flight Skins ($105.00)

Craig Crowley #4 (Birdie) - Paid

$105 Donated to SU2C

C-Flight Skins ($140.00)

No Winner (All Donated)

D-Flight Skins ($290.00)

No Winner (All Donated)

Closest To The Pin ($120)

Esdras Garcia-Caban #3 - 7 feet 6 inches - Paid

Joe Rapp #9 - 9 feet 8 inches - Paid via CashApp

Back Nine Par 3's -Two ($120 Raffles each)

Ken Mutzabaugh - Paid

Fredy Carreon - Paid

50/50 Winner

Ben Butler - $130.00 - Paid via Venmo

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