2023 Washington, DC Metro Schedule

Tournaments in red are regional events  Tournaments in blue are double point events
3/18/23DC Metro Kick-off Classic
@ Bristow Manor Golf Club
Straight Tee
 $ Bristow Manor Golf Club  RosterResults
4/2/23The Golf Club at Mattaponi Springs9:00
 $125 The Golf Club at Mattaponi Springs  RosterResults
4/8/23DC Metro Masters
@ Queenstown Harbor (River)
Straight Tee
 $265 Queenstown Harbor (River)  RosterResults
4/9/23DC Metro Masters
@ Queenstown Harbor (Lakes)
Straight Tee
 $ Queenstown Harbor (Lakes)    Results
5/6/23DC Metro Member Guest
@ Old Hickory Golf Club
Straight Tee
 $125 Old Hickory Golf Club  RosterResults
5/20/23Worthington Manor Golf Club11:00
Straight Tee
 $145 Worthington Manor Golf Club  RosterResults
6/3/23Augustine Golf Club9:00
Straight Tee
 $120 Augustine Golf Club  RosterResults
6/17/23Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Club9:00
Straight Tee
 $120 Blue Ridge Shadows Golf ClubRegisterRosterResults
6/24/23The Links at Gettysburg8:00
 $125 The Links at GettysburgRegisterRosterResults
7/16/23Westfields Golf Club11:30
Straight Tee
 $140 Westfields Golf ClubRegisterRosterResults
7/24/23DC Metro
@ Laurel Hill Golf Club
Straight Tee
 $145 Laurel Hill Golf ClubRegisterRosterResults
7/29/23Rock Harbor (Boulder)10:00
Straight Tee
 $245 Rock Harbor (Boulder)RegisterRosterResults
7/30/23Rock Harbor (Rock)10:00
Straight Tee
 $ Rock Harbor (Rock)    Results
8/12/23Bull Run Golf Club12:00
Straight Tee
 $140 Bull Run Golf ClubRegisterRosterResults
8/26/23Musket Ridge Golf Club10:30
Straight Tee
 $145 Musket Ridge Golf ClubRegisterRosterResults
9/9/23Stonewall Golf Club11:00
Straight Tee
 $140 Stonewall Golf ClubRegisterRosterResults
9/16/23Penn National Golf Club (Iron Forge)9:00
Straight Tee
 $280 Penn National Golf Club (Iron Forge)RegisterRosterResults
9/17/23Penn National Golf Club (Founders)9:30
Straight Tee
 $ Penn National Golf Club (Founders)    Results