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To The Former and Future Golfers,

The Golfweek Amateur Golf Tour is grateful for your commitment and dedication.

We’ve endured record breaking temperatures, and we realize that playing golf in these extreme conditions can be challenging.

It is imperative to stay hydrated during these summer months, with that said, Hydrate at all times.

We’re a golfing family, so we should remind others to hydrate as well.

Thanks again and enjoy your rounds of golf safely.

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What makes up an amateur golfer may be ambiguous and mystifying. 

It's more than a simple definition; joining the amateur tour circuit is simply an expansion of your hobbies.

A simple definition of an amateur is a participant who plays for enjoyment and not for cash or kind as a reward.


But that is not a total definition of an amateur golfer. 

It's important to note that there is an actual definition of an amateur player according to the,

 United States Golf Association.

An amateur player reaches that status first by reaching what is known as golf skill. 

Golf skill is assessed by a player's success at a competitive level. 

The level of competition can be local or national; the important aspect is that the player is successful competitively.

Once a player has success in competitions and is recognized as having golf skill, this is known as golf reputation. 

Again, a reputation can only be gained through actual playing and recognition of golf skill.

 Simply being associated with the game of golf, administering tournaments or being an,

 instructor does not gain a player reputation or skill.

After achieving a level of reputable golf skill (handicap)and establishing a (handicap) status, 

an amateur may become an amateur player. 


The GOLFWEEK Amateur Tour of Las Vegas is the Premier Amateur Golf Tour dedicated to Las Vegas Golfers of all skill levels.

 No qualifying required. For men and women, young and old. We use some of the best championship golf courses in 

Las Vegas to host our tournaments making your experience the best possible tournament atmosphere that we can produce.


So, how do I join and what do I do next?


Ø  Select the 'Join the Tour' button on the left of this page to submit your player registration and membership payment.


Ø  Once we receive your registration and payment, we will send you an e-mail with additional information and confirmation of your eligibility.


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