The 2022 Early Bird Membership Fee

 will open on BLACK Friday Nov. 26th!

Congrats to Danny Jimenez who lost being the  C Flight National Champion in a 2 hole playoff in Hilton Head!           

The 2022 schedule is in the works.

Bobby Booth, Joseph Holzapfel, Dona Wallerius, Danny Jimenez and Mike Millinic all win at Mansion Ridge!

Champ Flight:

Bobby Booth (Philly Metro) and Charles Seward both tied at 81 with Booth winning the crystal in the sudden-death playoff.  Matt Beal was third at 84 followed by Dennis Ryan with 89.

A Flight:

Joseph Holzapfel wins with a strong round of 82.  Thomas Butcher was second at 93 followed by Ed Keough with 99.

B Flight:

Dona Wallerius wins by four with 88 followed by AJ Kumar at 92.  Steven Mashadov was third with 94 and Erich Hvolbeck was fourth at 97.

C Flight:

Danny Jimenez wins by three with 90 followed by Jeff Marshall at 93 in second.  Bob Vito fired 97 for third and Will Johnson was fourth at 100.

D Flight:

Mike Millinic wins by five with 103 followed by David Densieski at 108.  Jackie Boshart (Jersey) was third at 109 followed by Tom Cavanagh at 110.

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