Andre Capozziello, Todd Swearigen, Juan Ayala, Rob Hennigar and Tim Cavanagh all win at Tam OShanier CC!
Posted: 3/3/2022 8:22:46 PM

Champ Flight:

Andre Capozziello wins for the first time this season with a score of 78.  In second place was Andrew Call with 84.

A Flight:

Todd Swearingen wins with 90.

B Flight:

Juan Ayala wins by four with 84 followed by Jimmy Tubbs at 88.  August Emanuele was third at 92 followed by George Mills with 93.

C Flight:

Rob Hennigar wins by five firing a 96 followed by Dan Boylan at 101.  Drew Rome was solo third with 102 and Jimmy Chwe rounded out the top four spots at 103.

D Flight:

Tom Cavanagh and San Pietro tied 104 with Cavanagh winning in the playoff.  Chris Giunta was third with 114 followed by Dan Walsh at 116.