Frequently asked Questions


  • Who can participate? Players finishing the season in the top points standings of their Local Tour qualify for the National Tour Championship. (Please review the Qualifications requirements on page 21 in the Tour Manual) To be eligible for the Tour National Championship, players must have competed and returned valid scores for at least 4 tournament rounds. If a player chooses to move down a flight during the season, that player must play 3 rounds in the lower flight (after movement) to qualify to play in the lower flight at Nationals. Requests to move down a flight must be made by August 15, 2023. Qualification does not guarantee a spot in the Tour Championship field. Each flight has a maximum field size. Spots will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until the flight is sold out, or October 1st (whichever occurs first).
  • When does registration open? Registration opens for all qualified players (as stated above) at the same time and takes place once all Labor Day tournament results are posted (est. date is 9/7). All qualified players in each flight will have the chance to secure their spots through an email sent directly to the qualified players. Players that move into the qualification zone after the registration process opens, will be invited to register as well. Registration and payment must be complete to be added to the roster. When the field is full, the flight will be shut down to additional players regardless of local point’s standings.
  • What is the cost of the tournament and what is included in the fee? The cost of the 54-hole tournament is $650 and is due upon registration. Players will not be added to the roster until the entry fee is paid and the registration form has been completed. Payments received by unqualified players will be immediately refunded. The entry fee covers your three rounds of golf and includes the cart, range balls, prize pool as well as welcome gift pack and lunch after each round. There is also an optional skins game by flight during the tournament. Cost is $60 for all three days and can be paid at the registration table at each course during Round One.


  • What golf courses will I be playing, and which tees/yardages will be used? Your flight determines which courses you will be playing. Courses, yardages and tee box information are all listed on the COURSES LINK. Please keep in mind that all course information is subject to change due to COVID-19.
  • How can I book practice rounds? Practice rounds are available for Monday, October 9th – Thursday, October 12th. IMPORTANT NOTE: To take advantage of discounted practice round rates, bookings cannot be made before October 1st! To book, call the course using the numbers listed here and ask for the Golfweek AGT practice round rate. Morning rates may be higher than afternoon rates and may not be available on all courses. Walk up rates are usually not discounted so please book in advance.
  • Where do we register when we get to Hilton Head? Tournament Registration will be held Thursday, Oct. 12th from 4pm -8pm at the Arthur Hills Clubhouse in Palmetto Dunes. If you are unable to attend, final registration will be at your assigned course on Friday and you can pick up your welcome bag at lunch after the round at the main scoreboard at the Arthur Hills in Palmetto Dunes.
  • What time do we start on each day? There is an 8:30am shotgun on all three days for all flights except C Flight on Atlantic Dunes. Atlantic Dunes has a 9am shotgun. Be at your assigned course 1 hour early on each day to check in for final registration and warm up.

  • Who will I be paired with? Pairings will be posted on the web site by Oct. 7. Pairings will be based on like scores with Round Two using Round One scores and Round Three using each player’s two-day totals. Pairings will be posted on the website each evening.
  • Where is the main scoreboard? The main scoreboard will be at the Arthur Hills course in Palmetto Dunes for all 3 rounds. In addition, all scores will be available to view on the Tour's website,
  • Where do I eat lunch? After all 3 rounds, ALL players will come to the main scoreboard at the Arthur Hills Course at Palmetto Dunes for lunch. (Please note that lunch is provided for players only.)
  • Where will the optional Skins Tournament take place before the National Championship? The TaylorMade Skins Game will be held on Thursday, October 12th at Dolphin Head in Hilton Head Plantation and all of the details can be found HERE.


  • Can I walk the course? All groups will have 4 players and each player must ride in carts.
  • Can we have spectators? Spectators are welcome to watch but cannot ride with the players. Spectators must walk as no extra carts will be available.
  • Are Caddies allowed? Caddies are not permitted.

  • Are Range Finders and yardage devices permitted? Yes. However, slope and wind applications must be turned off to be deemed legal. Please note that no green reading devices of any kind are permitted in AGT events. This includes Green Books and/or all types of Green Reading Apps.

  • What is the "One Ball Rule"? The One Ball Rule is in effect throughout all three rounds of competitive play. The "One Ball Rule" is a Condition of Competition. Per the USGA, "When this condition is adopted, players are required to use the same brand and type of golf ball throughout the stipulated round."

  • How do you determine tiebreakers? All first place ties will be decided by sudden-death playoff on the course. For all other places the ties are broken as follows: Day 3 total, Day 2 total, Day 1 total, Day 3 back nine, Day 3 front nine, Day 2 back nine, Day 2 front nine, Day 1 back nine, Day 1 front nine.
  • What if there are weather issues during the tournament? However unlikely, severe weather-related conditions may delay or suspend play due to such things as lightning and/or the course being deemed unplayable as determined by host facility.  
    If such inclement weather is present, every effort will be made by the tournament committee to complete the full number of holes. Under a delay, all players should remain on property and await official announcements from the tournament committee.   
    If the course remains unplayable and/or lightning is present, the official tournament may be shortened as a last resort as follows:
    • 54-hole National Championship may become official and shortened to a 36-hole tournament
    • The National Championship will be considered official in 18-hole increments.  As an example, if 36 holes are completed in a given flight but the full 18 holes by each player are not completed for the final round, the tournament is considered official at 36 holes.  
    While the tournament committee will do everything possible to get in the full number of holes, there will be no refunds should inclement weather shorten the event.  


  • What prizes are we competing for?
    • Top 20 places paid as follows: 1st $1000; 2nd $650; 3rd $500; 4th $400; 5th $350; 6th $250; 7th $200; 8th $180; 9th $170; 10th $160: 11th $150; 12th $150; 13th $150; 14th $150; 15th $150; 16th $150; 17th $150; 18th $150; 19th $150; 20th $150. Please note: Places 6-10 in every flight will be awarded Palmetto Dunes Resort Gift Cards. These can be used at all 3 Pro Shops as well Resort managed accommodations and restaurants. All other gift cards will be for Worldwide Golf Shops
    • Since "A, B, C and D” Flight are the largest flights, we will add additional Worldwide Golf gift cards for places 20- 30th for $150 each.
    • Crystal trophies will be presented to all flight winners.
  • Is there a skins game by flight and how much is it? The Skins game on Friday/Saturday/Sunday is by flight and course.Cost is $60 ($20 per day) to be paid at registration on Friday for all three days. No skins entries will be accepted after Friday. Skins by flight and course will be awarded at the main scoreboard Arthur Hills GC.
  • What is the 2-Man Challenge and how do I participate? The 2-Man Challenge is a tournament within a tournament. Choose a partner and your combined actual scores for each round of the Tour Championship will be entered as your team score. At the end of the Tour Championship, the top 5 teams in each flight (depending on participation) will be awarded prizes during the National Tour Championship Awards Ceremony.
  • What is the Team Cup and how is it calculated? In addition to the individual competition at the National Championship, Local Tours compete in the Team Cup. You can help your local tour win this prestigious honor. No need to sign up. After each round, the best 2 scores from your local tour for the day in each flight are automatically combined into a Team Cup score. All three rounds are then combined for the final Team Cup score. The lowest combined Team Cup score wins the title. The winning team’s picture appears on the website and has bragging rights for the next season. Defending the 2022 Team Cup is the Cincinnati/ Dayton Tour.


Thanks for joining us at The 2023 National Tour Championship!