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Providence a Great Addition to Schedule
Posted: 4/17/2009 12:24:01 PM
Saturday was a picture perfect day for golf and we had a great time at Providence. It is a new course to our schedule this year and it is a great course to play with challenging greens and a nice mix of long and short holes. We look forward to returning again in the future. We had two flights decided with playoffs this week. Championship flight ended in a 3-way tie with Chad Frank, Jim Hammons and first year player Bryan Harrell all posting 74's. It only took one extra hole as Chad poured in a birdie putt on the first hole to take the top prize. The Senior A flight saw Robbie Robinson and David Wellard post 77's and finish one stroke in front of Brad Bettin. So, off they went to a playoff. Both players hit good drives on the first hole and then the fun started. Each missed the green, chipped poorly and ended up making double bogey! And off they went to the 20th hole. This time Robbie played three good shots to the par 5 hole and sank a nice putt for birdie that gave him the win. Eric Baker shot a terrific 74 to capture the A flight for the second straight week. He was followed by Robbie Robinson, David Parker, and Matt Tickle all with 77's. A flight is very competitive and the scores are usually bunched each week. The fact is that all of our flights are generally closely contested each week and provide exciting finishes most of the time. B flight saw Steve Cleary shoot 79 to beat out Rob Leary by two shots in the B flight. Mike Dobbs was another 2 strokes back at 83. C flight was dominated by Brian Mack and Dan Seidenfaden who posted 81 and 82 respectively. These too are tour veterans and ran away from the rest of the field this week. It was another 7 strokes back to DJ Rende and Chas McIntyre who both posted 89 to tie for third. The D flight belonged to Wayne Weaver who shot 96. Nathan Gonzalez finished second with 102. Ray Darmstadt came in with 75 to top the Senior Championship flight Senior B flight went to Mike Dobbs whose 83 was good enough to slip past three players--Chet Rakowski, Phillip Maggard and Tim Sobitz--all coming in with 84's. GET ON OUR MAILING LIST! The Edwin Watts Tour remains the “tour of choice” for central Florida amateurs. Entry fees start as low as $85 and include course costs, range balls, and prizes. Player cards for 2009 are $100. Applications and information are available at Orlando area Edwin Watts Golf Shops, host golf courses or by contacting Tour Director, Tom Mirus, at (407) 348-5650. Or you can see below to get on our mailing list. If you are not yet on our mailing list but want to receive the latest application/brochure, you may contact us by email through this site and provide your mailing address; or you can simply Register Online above. Players are flighted by handicap/handicap-index. Players without indexes may submit recent scorecards to be assigned to a flight, subject to change based on tournament performance. All prizes in all flights are based on gross scores and are awarded on the day of the event. The Edwin Watts Golf Tour is the best place for central Florida amateurs seeking tournament competition on a continuing basis. It is a terrific opportunity to meet golfers and make new friendships.

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