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Regular Season Ends at ChampionsGate; Eric Baker Fund Distributed at Special Awards Luncheon

You can always count on a sky full of ballons on visits to ChampionsGate

The tour closed out the regular season September 15 at the National Course at ChampionsGate. Chad Frank warmed up for the Tour Championship with a 2 under 70 to take Championship flight by 4 strokes over Player of the Year Garrett Morrison. Matt Tickle took third with 76. In senior Championship flight play, Bill Foster topped Rob Kempinski by four (75-79). Still it was not enough to overtake Kempinski for Player of the Year.

Tom Dillon capped off a stellar season in A flight, shooting 75 to win for the sixth time in 2012. Steve Johnson was a shot back after a 76. Gene Johnson, up from the West Palm Beach senior tour, shot 77 and took third. Steve and Gene finished 1-2 in the senior A flight.

In B flight Brad Bettin seems to be rounding into postseason form as he topped the field with a nice 81. Mike Salik was second at 83 and Mike Ferretti followed with 84. Brad also won the senior B flight over Ben Hamby.

First year player Jude Bien-Aime won the C flight with a terrific round of 84. He was five shots clear of second place Jay Freeman. Brian Mack was third.

D flight belonged to Dan Salik this week. He scored 86 on a perfect September day for golf. Brandon Prokop finished second after a 92.


2012 Awards Luncheon--A Special Event

The 2012 Awards Luncheon followed the golf at ChampionsGate. Every year we honor the Players of the Year along with the top performers in each flight. This year was no exception as the players pictured at the top of the page were properly recognized this year. But there was more this year...

Tour members played all season with a heavy heart after the death of Eric Baker last winter. The tour created an Eric Baker Memorial Fund to be distributed to junior golf programs desicnated by Eric's parents, Andy and Chaddi Baker. Three of the designated receipient organizations were present at ChampionsGate. In addition the tour establilshed the Eric Baker Sportsmanship Award that will be given each year. The first award was presented to Eric's father, Andy.

Tour Member Greg Takacs Donated the Trophy &
Made the Presentation to Andy

The Eric Baker Fund collected over $5,000 in 2012.

The largest donation, $2,000 went to the Little Linksters program. PGA Member and Little Linksters founder Brendon Elliot spoke about the program and how the donation will help.

Brendon Elliot Accepts Donation to Little Linksters

The Eric Baker Fund donated $1500 to the US Blind Golf Association and its junior golf program. It was a special award as blind golf is one ot tour director Tom Mirus' passions. He accepted the award on their behalf.

The Citrus Junior Golf Tour received $1,000. Tour director Doug Holloway of St. Cloud Golf Club accepted the award.

Andy & Chaddi Baker Watch as Doug Holloway Speaks About
Citrus Junior Golf Tour

The Lake County Junior Golf Association received $500

Now it is on to the Tour Championship in Hilton Head, a tournament where Eric finished fourth last year.  47 Orlando members will make the trip to play for individual titles as well as for a team trophy. The event is October 19-21, 2012.

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