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Posted: 6/14/2011 10:11:31 PM


Christian Vozza--Championship Flight

The first major of the season was played on the beautiful and challenging Watson & Nicklaus courses at the Reunion Resort.  Double pojnts were awarded and the extra value cause a shakeup in all the points list races. 

Christian Vozza, a first year member on tour, captured his first title.  He shot steady rounds of 72-72-144 to win the first place crystal in Championship Flight.  He had to hold off reigning Player of the Year Chad Frank coming down the stretch to take a one shot win.  Frank found himself five back with nine holes to play.  He threw a closing 35 on the final nine at Christian, but a clutch 8-foot par saving putt on #17 saved the day for Vozza.  "I played well" he said.  "I had a double and a triple bogey this weekend, but other than that, it was good.  I made enough birdies to offset the bad holes."  Chris Boylan was a distant thrid after a pair of 76's.  The big turnaround of the day was Zach Lents.  He struggled to an 87 on Saturday, but bounced back in a big way to win the second day money game by shooting a 73.  Now that's a turnaround!

Ryan Scheve--A Flight

Three flights ended with runaway winners.  Ryan Scheve posted back to back rounds of 75 to cruise to a 5 shot victory in A Flight over Tom Dillon.  Dillon fired a 77 Sunday after an opening 78.  Tied for thrid were Rick Macali and Mike May, both with 2-day totals of 156. In the sceond day money game, Lavanty Simonis bounced back from an opening 86 with a nice 75 to win the Edwin Watts gift card.  Adam Wilson, entered the event with a 9.7 AGT index in the B flight.  After blowing away the field with rounds of 76-77-153, he announced his desire to jump into the A flight.  Russell Outram took second place on rounds of 82-85.  He edged past first year member John Cruise who posted 83-85.. Subernia Johnson took the final prize in B with rounds of 85-89.  The second day money prize went to Ernie Hallare who bounced back from a Saturday 90 with 85 on Sunday.

Brian Mariani--C Flight

Brian Mariani opened with a sparkling 83 on Saturday and would not be caught on Sunday in the C Flight.  He closed with an 89 for a six shot margin over Gordon Gibbs (91-87).  Gibbs had won the last two events.  Randolph Hill captured thrid with rounds of 88-91.  Gibbs also took the second day money prize with his 87.

Chase Forsyth and Darryl Primus (LA South tour) battled all weekend for the D title.  Primus and Steve Start opened with 95 on Saturday.  Forsyth and Dan Salik were at 96 setting up a Sunday shootout.  On Sunday, Start and Salik fell off the pace as the day went on.  Start ended up T4 and Salik T7.  The biggest move of the day was Brandon Prokop's jump into third place.  He started the day six strokes off the pace, shot 93 and pulled to within two by the end of the day.  He finished at 194.  But when all the cards were signed, it was Forsyth and Primus who headed off to the #1 tee on the Watson course.  It ended on the very first hole as Pirmus captured the first place crystal.

Steve Maddox--Senior Championship Flight

Ed Paterniti--Senior A Flight

The senior flights were close as well--but no playoffs.  Steve Maddox opened with a 43 on his first nine Saturday and from then on played one under par for the last 27 holes to shoot rounds of 77-73 for the victory in senior Championship.  New member Bob Casamento was second with 77-75.  Ed Paterniti took the crystal in senior A by posting a stellar round of 76 on Sunday to go with an opening 81 for a 157 total and a one stroke victory over Gene Johnson of the West Palm Beach tour.  First round leader Robbie Robinson slipped back into thrid on Sunday after an 83.  John Cruise shot 83-85 to capture senior B.  Ben Hamby took second with 85-89.

NEXT EVENT--June 18, Bob Mirus Memorial @ ChampionsGate (International)

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