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Posted: 5/18/2010 10:57:01 AM
Subernia Johnson Captures B Flight at Grande Pines
The first major of the season was contested at the Marriott Grande Pines in Orlando. 88 players went in search of double points at this top notch facility. The going was tough as scores were high on day one. Only 5 players managed to break 80; 2 in Championship flight, 2 in A flight and one in Senior Championship. But the scores were bunchd tightly together in all flights. In Championship flight it was Ray Vigeant's 77 that was best on Saturday followed by Bill Shufelt at 79. Robbie Robinson held a one stroke lead over Dennis Cargo with 78 to Cargo's 79 with a number of players close behind between 80-82. In B fli ht it was Anthony Gutierrez posting an 83 for a two shot lead over Arnie Guerra and Subernia Johnson. C flight belonged to____on day one. C flight might be the most fun to watch as all the players in this flight are evenly matched and anything can happen. D flight is small but equally competitive with James Rearden leading after day one with 98. Two players were two back at 100 and another at 101. Steve Maddox shot the best score in any flight with a 75 in the Senior Championship flight. It was good for a six stroke margin over Dennis Brady. Doubling in senior A as well, Robbie Robinson's 78 lead by three over Ed Paterniti. Arnie Guerra was tops in senior B with 85. By Sunday, everyone seemed more comfortable with the perfectly groomed course and ideal playing conditions. Chad Frank and Bill Foster led the charge up the leaderboard in Championship flight as they shot 74 and 73 respectively. Frank's 74 propelled him to the victory with a 155 total, as well as into the lead in the Order of Merit Points List. Bill's low round let him collect 2 prizes for the day as he took the "second day money" game and his 11-stroke improvement from the first day pushed him to a second place finish overall at 157. John Bessette finished third on 159 and Matt Tickle and Jim Hammons were next with 160. Steve Maddox had the low score of the weekend, 74-75-149, to take top honors in the senior Championship flight. No one else came close as Bill Foster was second with 157. Dennis Cargo started the day one stroke out of the lead in A flight, but a solid round of 74 pushed him to a four shot win over Justin Walker, a member of the egolf tour in Charlotte. Dennis totalled 153 for 36 holes. Walker's 76 on Sunday included a 2-umder 34 on the front nine. First round leder Robbie Robinson was tied for the lead after 27 holes, but fell off the pace stretch and finished in a tie for fourth at 163 with Joel Adams. His score was good enough to hold on to first place in the senior A flight as he beat Ed Paterniti (166) by three. Tom Dillon matched Cargo's 74 on Sunday, but he ha too much ground to make up after an opening 86 on Saturday. Still, he jumped all the way into thrid spot and took the "second day money" game in A flight. B flight belonged to Subernia Johnson. She shot steady rounds of 85-83-168 to claim a two stroke victory over Chet Rakowski. Anthony Gutierrez came next, two more shots back at 172 and Arnie Guerra was fourth with 174. Matt D'Auria shot 85 Sunday to win the "second day money" game. Rakowski and Guerra also finished 1-2 in the senior B flight. C flight sorted itself out Sunday with some solid performances. Mike Salik followed an opening 93 with a fine 82 on Sunday to post 175 and claim a two shot victory over Chace Petersen, 177. It was another three shots back to Russell Outram who shot 90 each day. D flight was the closest of all as the top three players were separated by two strokes. James Rearden took top honors with 98-97-195. First day leader Brodric Johnson followed an opening 95 with 101 to finish at 196. Ian Halliwell was next at 197. Great stuff from the D flightf! It appears as the new points system will make the Order of Merit races very interesting all season. With 900 points for first place in the majors, every winner at Grande Pines took over first place in their flight. With the second major in August, the invitations to theTour Championship in Hilton Head and Pinehurst will go down to the last event--just how it should be. NEXT EVENT is June 5 at Victoria Hills.

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