GAM Membership Discount
Posted: 1/11/2022 3:16:49 PM

GAM (Golf Association of Michigan) Website

How the Discount Works...                                                                                                

As a member of either the East Michigan or West Michigan GOLFWEEK Amateur Tour, you are able to receive your Membership to GAM (Golf Association of Michigan) for only $36 instead of the standard price of $41.

When you sign up with the Golfweek Amateur Tours of Michigan as your "Club", you may be prompted for a password. When prompted, enter in "golfweek" without the quotes and in all lower case to receive the discount.   

This is a perk that we provide to all of our members.

Even though we do provide a Tour Index that is used for our tour, a USGA Handicap is always good to have and maintain so we highly recommend that everyone take advantage of this added perk.

All you have to do is when you sign up for your GAM Membership, when asked for your "Home Course", just put in the "GOLFWEEK Amateur Golf Tour of Michigan" and it will automatically provide you with the discounted rate for your membership. Complete the purchase information through GAM's website as we do not facilitate these memberships. Payments for all GAM Memberships must be done through GAM's website. Any membership that is submitted without payment or set to be billed back to us will be rejected.

If you are signing up with GAM for the first time under our club then your history will not automatically follow you. In order to have your history transferred, you must contact GAM directly by sending an e-mail to Provide your name and the course that you were previously signed up under and let them know that you would like to have your history transferred and they will take care of the rest.

That's it!

Now follow the link above to get to GAM's website and sign up for your GAM Membership and start tracking your USGA Handicap.