Row Count: 18 Golfweek Amateur Tour

2022 Indianapolis, IN Schedule

Tournaments in red are regional events  Tournaments in blue are double point events
5/2/22Hawthorns Golf and Country Club11:00
 $115 Hawthorns Golf and Country Club  RosterResults
5/22/22Purgatory GC11:00
Straight Tee
 $100 Purgatory GC  RosterResults
6/4/22Masters - 2 Day Major
@ Delaware CC
Straight Tee
 $190 Delaware CC  RosterResults
6/5/22Delaware CC11:00
Straight Tee
 $ Delaware CC    Results
6/12/22Golf Club of Indiana12:00
Straight Tee
 $95 Golf Club of Indiana  RosterResults
6/25/22Sandy Pines Golf Club11:00
Straight Tee
 $110 Sandy Pines Golf Club  RosterResults
7/10/22Joint Event with Indianapolis Tour
@ IU Golf Course (Pfau Course)
Straight Tee
 $115 IU Golf Course (Pfau Course)RegisterRosterResults
7/16/22Harrison Hills Golf & CC11:00
Straight Tee
 $85 Harrison Hills Golf & CC  RosterResults
7/30/22Open Championship - 2 Day Major at Purdue University
@ Ackerman-Allen Course
Straight Tee
 $190 Ackerman-Allen Course  RosterResults
7/31/22Kampen Course1:00
Straight Tee
 $ Kampen Course    Results
8/6/22Joint Event with Indiana-Western KY
@ Otter Creek GC
Straight Tee
 $95 Otter Creek GC  RosterResults
8/14/22Coyote Crossing Golf Course11:00
Straight Tee
 $95 Coyote Crossing Golf CourseRegisterRosterResults
8/20/22The Players Club at Woodland Trails11:00
Straight Tee
 $85 The Players Club at Woodland TrailsRegisterRosterResults
8/28/22Harbor Links GC2:00
 $105 Harbor Links GCRegisterRosterResults
9/10/22Players Championship - 2 Day Major
@ The Trophy Club
Straight Tee
 $190 The Trophy Club  RosterResults
9/11/22The Trophy Club12:00
Straight Tee
 $ The Trophy Club    Results
9/12/22Highland Golf and CC12:00
Straight Tee
 $115 Highland Golf and CC  RosterResults
9/19/22Bloomington Country Club11:00
Straight Tee
 $100 Bloomington Country ClubRegisterRosterResults