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2021 - Boyne - The Moor & The Heather

Pay For Event


Please email WestMI@AmateurGolfTour.net to be put on the waitlist

 Tournament Details
    Event / Course: Boyne Highlands - The Moor & The Heather
    Entry Fee: $240.00
    Dates & Start Times: Saturday - August 28th, 2021 (Moor)
  11:00 AM - Tee Times
  Sunday - August 29th, 2021 (Heather)
  7:30 AM - Tee Times


A Flight tees off first, then Champ, B, C and then D

Both Days

    Season Points Half: 2nd Half Points Race
    Points for Event: DOUBLE POINTS
    Course Website: The Moor Website
     The Heather Website
    Event Payment Due By: Monday - August 23rd, 2021

 Tee Box Assignments

 Additional Event Info

Hybrid Tee Boxes

Click Link Above to View all Hybrid Tee Box Assignments for our Events this year on the Tour
These will also be provided at the event if your Flight Requires them

A Championship Flair - The Moor

Widely regarded as a members' favorite, The Moor represents a fair buy true test of game. The difference lies in the doglegs. Designed with numerous twists and turns, the front nine of The Moor favors right-handed power fade hitters - with holes 1, 2, 7 and 9 showing their curves immediately off the tee. Its reputation as a player's golf course is so widely known that The Moor has been designated as an AJGA Championship course. Featuring all-new tour bunker sand, The Moor is one of BOYNE's most versatile, perfect for 9 or 18 holes.


Northern Michigan's First Resort Course - The Heather

It's not hype. It's not pretense. It's a fact: The Heather has earned its reputation as one of the finest championship courses in the entire United States. Bearing all the markings of its legendary designer, this Robert Trent Jones, Sr. course has tested the finest names in the game since 1966, playing host to Michigan Amateurs, AJGA Championships, the Michigan State Pro-Am, and The Celebrity Tour. Learn more about The Heather's history here.

The Heather has been named the 2018 Golf Course of the Year by the Michigan Golf Course Association (MGCA). Read more here.

The Heather has also been awarded the 2019 National Golf Course of the Year by the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA). Read more here.

 Practice Rounds


- played at Donald Ross Memorial Course for $15 Flight skins and/or $15 super skins.  Flights combine Champ and A in 1 group and B, C and D in another group. 


  en's Tee Assignments


Champ Flight

Brown   6814 Yards

A Flight

Purple   6563 Yards

B Flight

Orange   6233 Yards

C Flight

Blue   5972 Yards

D Flight

Green   5658


NameFlightTourTee Times
Bachman, MikeAEast2:30
Morgan, DanBWest2:30
Lynch, PatrickAEast2:30
Gillan, MichelleBWest2:30
Kallgren, ChrisAWest2:39
Chapman, DougAWest2:39
Tooke, RoyAWest2:39
VanDerWerken, MatthewAEast2:39
Ross, DustinAEast2:48
Takashima, JimAEast2:48
Aguirre, TonyAEast2:48
VanderVlucht, BrandonAWest2:48
Carpenter, JimChampWest2:57
Evans, PaulAWest2:57
Wetmore, EricAEast2:57
Potluri, SateshAEast2:57
Flanders, MattAEast3:06
Nelson, RyanADallas- Fort Worth, TX3:06
Knauss, DerekAEast3:06
Ito, MarkChampEast3:06
Sekihisa, YoshiChampEast3:15
Ito, YusukeChampEast3:15
Dennis, MichaelChampEast3:15
Williamson, KenChampEast3:15
Purcell, JayBWest3:24
Inch, MattAEast3:24
Achanta, NarenBEast3:24
Jewett, DaleBWest3:24
Mckie, JakeBWest3:33
Greeno, DavidCWest3:33
Avink, JohnCWest3:33
Lehman, ChrisCWest3:33
Wheeler, RichCWest3:42
Marshall, JeffCEast3:42
Cannon, NickCEast3:42
Wrubel, DerekCEast3:42
Rigozzi, BrianCWest3:51
Eisenlohr, MichaelCWest3:51
Getman, RogerCWest3:51
Remedio, NickCEast3:51
Wandel, DuaneCWest4:00
Carpentier, PaulCEast4:00
Roelfsema, BillDWest4:00
Gilchrist, NicDWest4:00


$85 at Moor

$110 at Heather

 Players & Tee Times

 Event Results & Cash Games




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