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On behalf of the entire Golfweek organization, I want to thank you for your membership of the Golfweek Amateur Tour.  We are incredibly proud of our relationship with what we feel is the best option for organized amateur competition for folks like you and me. 


I am writing to inform you of some changes to our magazine frequency and format for 2021. Our plan is to publish four issues in 2021 including our annual Golfweek’s Best in April and Ultimate Guide in December. In addition to these two issues, we will publish a new issue called Get Equipped in February that will highlight everything new in the game for 2021 including equipment, gear, places to visit and more. The second new issue is titled Golf Life in July and will feature in-depth stories and interviews with the movers, shakers and personalities that drive the business and sport of golf. We are excited about the new schedule and plan to bring the same style of expert, in-depth journalism that you expect from Golfweek..


I hope that you also enjoying as well as our weekly digital newsletter products including: Monday Rewind, Get Equipped, Get Primed, Golf Life and Get Better. You can sign up for these here.


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Patrick Leahy
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Total Spots Total Playing Openings Left
136 135 1

Flight Playing
(Champ) 34
(A) 35
(B) 28
(C) 25
(D) 13

Who's Playing
ID Player Flight Home Tour Paid Tour Paid Tournament
39980 Ames, Richard  (Champ)  Jacksonville, FL  No Yes
40191 Beck, Jason  (Champ)  Augusta, GA  No Yes
32312 Brown, David  (Champ)  Nashville, TN  No Yes
38582 Cimaroli, Armand  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  No Yes
41255 Condon, Billy  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  No Yes
40199 Crowder, Matt  (Champ)  East Tennessee  No Yes
37724 Davis, Adam  (Champ)  Augusta, GA  No Yes
33743 Dickey, Jeff  (Champ)  Memphis/ North Mississippi  No Yes
38783 Ferris, Troy  (Champ)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
10554 Hammons, Jim  (Champ)  Jacksonville, FL  Yes Yes
39842 Hinshaw, Jason  (Champ)  Central North Carolina  No Yes
16598 Hodges, Randy  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
38060 Hollings, Matt  (Champ)  Dallas- Fort Worth, TX  Yes Yes
39031 Howard, Justin  (Champ)  Michigan East  No Yes
10690 Jeltema, Brian  (Champ)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
12137 Kapp, Mike  (Champ)  Louisiana South  No Yes
25351 King, Eric  (Champ)  Kentucky  No Yes
18913 Kittleson, Scott  (Champ)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
30731 Legare, Chris   (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
8280 Lewis, Brian  (Champ)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  No Yes
3192 Malone, Jeff  (Champ)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
2 McCormac, Dennis  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
28613 Moffett, Kyle  (Champ)  Central North Carolina  Yes Yes
36684 Nicholson, Derek  (Champ)  Alabama  No Yes
41238 Peterson, Brandon  (Champ)  North Central Florida  Yes Yes
39989 Quackenbush, Brian  (Champ)  Augusta, GA  Yes Yes
3294 Rhiley, Bill  (Champ)  Jacksonville, FL  No Yes
37865 Roberts, Scott  (Champ)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
27568 Sanders, Lee  (Champ)  Arkansas  No Yes
39428 Saunders, Tim  (Champ)  East Tennessee  No Yes
8893 Sparks, Randy  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
34112 Tallerico, Marco  (Champ)  St. Louis, MO  No Yes
37259 Wijaya, Hendra  (Champ)  Las Vegas, NV  No Yes
19779 Yarborough, Quentin  (Champ)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  No Yes
16364 Ayala, AJ  (A)  East Tennessee  No Yes
38982 Barnett, Brenden  (A)  Arkansas  No Yes
35080 Bartley, Glen  (A)  Mississippi  No Yes
34007 Boudreaux, Jason  (A)  Louisiana South  Yes Yes
39837 Clemens, Marty  (A)  Indianapolis, IN  Yes Yes
22269 Dye, Judd  (A)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
34842 Ellis, Cage  (A)  Nashville, TN  No Yes
39839 Fore, Brad  (A)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  No Yes
3013 Gause, Jace  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
23726 Gilbert, Ed  (A)  New Jersey  No Yes
28568 Graunke, Jeff  (A)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
9947 Green, Daren  (A)  Tampa, FL  Yes Yes
20234 Gregory, Jason  (A)  Nashville, TN  No Yes
36555 Hardee, Lucas  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
38239 Howard, Mitch  (A)  Jacksonville, FL  No Yes
29176 Johnson, Kyle  (A)  Michigan West  No Yes
2178 Joyner, Lyle  (A)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
39262 Kaiser, Bubba  (A)  Mississippi  Yes Yes
31319 Kenyon, Joe  (A)  Arizona  Yes Yes
36759 Klaver, Kreg  (A)  All Guests  No Yes
2397 Lee, Tommy  (A)  East Tennessee  No Yes
36534 McVey, Joe  (A)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
38939 Missildine, Dale  (A)  Tampa, FL  Yes Yes
28074 Moffett, Johnny  (A)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
21395 Payne, Elisha  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes Yes
36805 Prensa, Tony  (A)  Orlando, FL  Yes Yes
33463 Pritt, Donnie  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
11397 Redmond, Sean  (A)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
8825 Scott, Ryan  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
16221 Sedman, Tommy  (A)  All Guests  No Yes
9945 Sheahan, Bob  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
39507 Smith, Nic  (A)  Houston, TX  No Yes
25899 Sturdivant, Andy  (A)  Arizona  Yes Yes
40898 Taylor, Garrett  (A)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  No Yes
28543 Willis, Joe  (A)  Michigan East  Yes Yes
40741 Barber, Larry  (B)  New Jersey  No Yes
39263 Blain, Michael  (B)  Mississippi  Yes Yes
36327 Boykin, Jason  (B)  Mississippi  Yes Yes
38596 Cook, Josh  (B)  Arkansas  No Yes
28271 Delamarter, Albert  (B)  St. Louis, MO  Yes Yes
26997 Eaves, TJ  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
37495 Halsey, Brandon  (B)  Charlotte, NC  No Yes
34166 Haynes, Eddie  (B)  San Antonio, TX  No Yes
39048 Higgins, John  (B)  Philadelphia, PA Metro  No Yes
33660 Hinton, Nick   (B)  Upstate SC  No Yes
36140 Johnson, Darrell  (B)  Indianapolis, IN  Yes Yes
28517 Jones, Joseph  (B)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
22487 Martyn, Kevin  (B)  Philadelphia, PA Metro  Yes Yes
37987 McDonald, Russell  (B)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
36006 Middleton, Lamont  (B)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
33940 Packer, Bryan  (B)  Indiana-Western KY  Yes Yes
27760 Peyton, Crys  (B)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
14269 Sheahan, Elvis  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
40095 Skwara, Gabriel  (B)  Upstate SC  No Yes
39510 Smith, Kevin  (B)  Nashville, TN  No Yes
17651 Spears, Gary  (B)  Denver, CO  No Yes
31070 Stenzel, Gary  (B)  North Central Florida  Yes Yes
35178 Storey, Brandon  (B)  Central North Carolina  No Yes
38855 Suber, Charlie  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
36122 Swedberg, Matthew  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
39712 Tarte, Brian  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  No Yes
22364 Tolkacz, Mark  (B)  Arizona  Yes Yes
19915 Winnick, Steve  (B)  Philadelphia, PA Metro  Yes Yes
17955 Allen, Jim  (C)  Indianapolis, IN  Yes Yes
33646 Atkinson, Bubba  (C)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
36913 Barfield, Miles  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
30834 Bussard, Gene  (C)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
38789 Callahan, Scott  (C)  Tampa, FL  Yes Yes
15668 Conlee, John  (C)  Memphis/ North Mississippi  No Yes
4142 Daniels, Steve  (C)  Charlotte, NC  No Yes
39214 England, David  (C)  East Tennessee  No Yes
36572 Foutz, Andrew  (C)  Arizona  Yes Yes
39888 Gould, Tom  (C)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
34165 Gregor, Brian  (C)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
39470 Hamilton, Scott  (C)  Nashville, TN  No Yes
38978 Hansen, Carl  (C)  New Jersey  No Yes
36957 Harris, Paul  (C)  East Tennessee  No Yes
38928 Johnston, Bill  (C)  Mississippi  Yes Yes
38797 Langford, Mark  (C)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
40533 Llewellyn , JT  (C)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  No Yes
33953 Louth, Chris  (C)  Columbus, OH  Yes Yes
35527 McHugh, Bryan  (C)  Columbia, SC  No Yes
39009 Nichols, Wesley  (C)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
33647 Pound, Glenn  (C)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
20537 Powell, George  (C)  Memphis/ North Mississippi  No Yes
33003 Saballos, Lee  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
28384 Strickland, Toby  (C)  Charlotte, NC  No Yes
40534 Taylor, Steve  (C)  Cleveland/ Akron  Yes Yes
23179 Bailey, Brad  (D)  Columbus, OH  Yes Yes
40090 Benzel, Mike  (D)  Mississippi  No Yes
24623 Bollenbecker, Terry  (D)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
32580 Dooley, Colin  (D)  St. Louis, MO  Yes Yes
38900 Ford, Rocky  (D)  Mississippi  Yes Yes
18935 Friedmann, Chad  (D)  Jacksonville, FL  Yes Yes
35814 Harbin, Tim  (D)  Alabama  No Yes
25989 Harris, Mark  (D)  Tampa, FL  Yes Yes
21230 Lara, Hector  (D)  Arizona  Yes Yes
14048 McCook, Wendell  (D)  Augusta, GA  Yes Yes
18083 Merz, Carl  (D)  Hilton Head-Savannah  No Yes
39010 Odlaug, Thomas  (D)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
39077 Vargas, De  (D)  Arizona  Yes Yes



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