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To all Golfweek Amateur Tour Members,


On behalf of the entire Golfweek organization, I want to thank you for your membership of the Golfweek Amateur Tour.  We are incredibly proud of our relationship with what we feel is the best option for organized amateur competition for folks like you and me. 


I am writing to inform you of some changes to our magazine frequency and format for 2021. Our plan is to publish four issues in 2021 including our annual Golfweek’s Best in April and Ultimate Guide in December. In addition to these two issues, we will publish a new issue called Get Equipped in February that will highlight everything new in the game for 2021 including equipment, gear, places to visit and more. The second new issue is titled Golf Life in July and will feature in-depth stories and interviews with the movers, shakers and personalities that drive the business and sport of golf. We are excited about the new schedule and plan to bring the same style of expert, in-depth journalism that you expect from Golfweek..


I hope that you also enjoying www.golfweek.usatoday.com as well as our weekly digital newsletter products including: Monday Rewind, Get Equipped, Get Primed, Golf Life and Get Better. You can sign up for these here.


Thank you again for being a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member. 



Patrick Leahy
VP of Revenue - USA TODAY Golf
Publisher – Golfweek





As a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member, you will receive membership into a -USGA compliant club through USHandicap.com and issued an official USGA index.

Within 45 days of joining the tour and filling out the 2022 registration, each member will receive an email from USHandicap with instructions on how to sign into your account. You will not be able to access your Silver membership until you receive the confirmation email. Nothing will be mailed, everything will be done via email address.

See FAQ's here for more information.


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Scores are listed by flight and strokes for the round.

Position Name Home Tour Score Points Birdies Eagles AGT Index
Championship Flight (0-3.9 Handicap)
1 Ziccardi, Tyler
2 Trela, Brent
3 Portelli, Brian
4 Dennis, Michael
5 Mazur, Austin
5 Feher, Zack
7 Miller, Trevor
7 Naimi, Rix
9 Kulka, Mike
9 Wrocklage, Alex
9 Ito, Yusuke
12 Ottarson, Spencer
12 Schwager, Mark
12 Miura, Junichi
15 Sekihisa, Yoshi
15 Mellen, John
17 Belcher, Kris
18 Ward, Patrick
19 Byrd, Brad
"A" Flight (4.0-8.9 Handicap)
1 Knauss, Derek
2 DeLong, Michael
3 Willis, Joe
3 Zoller, Chris
5 Williams, Sean
5 Osborn, Justin
5 Johns, Jeremy
8 Moore, Steve
8 Kisabeth, Dan
8 Inch, Matt
8 Orlowski, Marty
12 Bachman, Mike
13 Troyer, Jon
13 Hollifield, Brett
13 VanCampen, Joshua
16 Bohnsack, Eric
16 Flanders, Matt
16 Tucker, Mike
19 Smith, Michael
19 Krochmalny, Keith
19 Blow, Geoff
19 Ross, Dustin
23 Lynch, Patrick
23 Tooley, Mike
25 Potluri, Satesh
26 Arocho, Joseph
26 Rizzolo, Joe
28 Foley, Cory
28 Bitters, Scott
28 Tucker, Rich
31 Neff, Rob
32 Shoopman, Joe
33 Drapkin, Steven
33 Williford, Chris
"B" Flight (9.0-13.9 Handicap)
1 Bolle, Keith
2 Gilton, Virginia
3 Jerome, Derek
4 Knieper, Matt
5 Benzing, Joe
5 Allen, Cody
7 Knoll, Eric
7 Sallade, Stephen
9 Testani, Mike
9 Greening, David
9 Hagewood-Muse, Brian
9 Hemmert, Michael
13 Mazur, Korey
14 Ojio, Waturu
14 Kalsi, Tapinder
14 Vinson, Jason
14 Achanta, Naren
18 Rollins, Steven
18 Myers, Mitch
18 Haeger, Spencer
18 DiMichele, Ron
18 Devitt, Mark
23 Mianowski, Peter
23 Marcano Jr, Ed
23 Pearl, John
23 Fair, Jason
27 Birkle, Eric
27 Schudlich, Bob
27 Pace, Jamie
30 Weiland, Alan
31 Muldoon, John
31 Brown, Chris
31 Elowsky, Earl
31 Gillan, Michelle
35 Varney, Joe
35 Dietz, Bill
37 McCormick, Chuck
37 Beattie, Peter
39 Prantera, Darrell
40 Bose, Arnab
40 Dillon, Alex
40 Barrett, Mark
43 Floyd, Robby
43 Pringle, Rick
45 Lack, Bailey
46 Kovacs, Brent
46 Jones, Jason
48 Piro, Tony
48 Mckie, Jake
50 Keffalo, John
51 Tabacchi, Peter
"C" Flight (14.0-18.9 Handicap)
1 Arora, Badal
2 Carravallah, Matt
3 Dean, Josh
3 Hansen, Dave
3 Higbie, Mike
6 Brown, Tim
6 Boerner, Kyle
8 Taylor, Yelly
9 Naujokas, Joe
9 Buck, Tommy
11 Cannon, Nick
11 Moon, Joe
13 Arora, Lalit
14 Richards, Kenneth
14 Marshall, Jeff
14 Avink, John
17 Johnides, David
17 Drinan, Brian
17 McCabe, Mike
17 Streit, Matthew
21 Arnold, Greg
22 Vena, Shawn
22 Ellis, Sharon
22 Wright, John
25 Greco, John
25 Bellino, Frank
27 Carravallah, Steve
28 Jellison, Cody
29 Hummel, Robert
30 Waters, Fidel
31 Beydoun, Cam
"D" Flight (19.0 & Over Handicap)
1 Yee, Gary
2 Carpentier, Paul
3 Hudgins, James
4 Cicchelli, Anthony
4 Pruitt, Tracy
4 Bies, Nick
7 Blomquist, Craig
8 Rice, Dan
8 Sassanelli, Dominic
8 Hudgins, Kirby
11 Jayaraman, Vijay
11 Thornton, Trevor
11 Gaydos, Dustin
14 Hensley, Thomas
14 Booker Sr., James
14 Bell, Darron
14 Liggins, Sylvester LIGG
14 Kource, Ron
19 Vukovich, John
19 Natarajan, Venkatesh
19 Mazloum, Ahmed
19 Dawkins, Duane
23 Sheehy, Dan
23 Kelly, Clint
25 Reynolds, Zach
26 Hargrove, Jim
27 Malkiewicz, Rob





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