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SEPTEMBER 17 - 20, 2020

The Sea Pines Resort is hosting the second annual Lighthouse Invitational, four-day golf tournament this fall, offering the ultimate golfing experience with play on all three of its championship courses and exclusive privileges and amenities, including an opening night reception and putting contest at the famed Harbour Town Golf Links. Click below for more info.




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Scores are listed by flight and strokes for the round.

Position Name Score Points Birdies Eagles AGT Index
Championship Flight (0-3.9 Handicap)
1 OQuinn, Josh
2 Dailey, James
3 Pulnik, Tim
4 Williams, Jason
5 Drinkwater, Mitchell
6 Frank, Chad
7 Dillon, Tom
8 OConnell, Andrew
9 Bowers, Depriest
10 Cavallaro, Anthony
11 Perez, Mike
12 Callahan, Greg
12 Fore, Travis
14 Hammons, Jim
15 Cordova, Tony
16 Moritz, Jeff
17 Meade, Cory
"A" Flight (4.0-8.9 Handicap)
1 Starr, Jay
2 Gesner, Matthew
3 Lanning, Jason
4 Robinson, Robbie
4 Corbett, Neil
4 Missildine, Dale
4 Silveira, Ryan
8 Bettin, Brad
9 Clerico, Al
10 Kellough, Eric
11 Bost, Jason
12 Miller, Chad
12 Drinkwater, Paul
14 Bales, Mike
15 Gomes, Michael
16 Birzon, Mike
17 Manning, Jason
18 Haggins, Willey
"B" Flight (9.0-13.9 Handicap)
1 Johnson, Stephen
2 Shuler, Mike
3 Kenney, Jim
4 Tomlinson, Graham
5 Johnston, Bryant
6 Prensa, Tony
7 Stenzel, Gerald
7 Priest, Henry
7 Malsch, Ed
7 Kennett, Kevin
7 Hughes, Ryan
12 Mellor, Sam
12 Lokey, Paul
12 Bankston, Skip
15 Brown, Rowland
15 Russo, Jake
15 McKinney, Neil
18 Rigo, Peter
18 Klenck, Mark
20 Chamberlain, Rich
20 Rodriguez, Ray
20 Fleming, Jerry
20 Carroll, Justin
24 Davis, Billy
24 Acker, Shawn
26 DeTorres, Bill
26 Gastley, Andy
28 Seidenfaden, Dan
29 Munoz, Pancho
29 Goddard, Kevin
31 Van Nostrand, Howard
32 Salvo, Chris
33 Kutzan, Dennis
"C" Flight (14.0-18.9 Handicap)
1 DelaRosa, Freddy
2 Neill, Andrea
3 Davenport, Joe
4 Horn, Mike
4 Salalila, Angelo
6 Bland, Sean
6 Drummond, Rhett
6 Reilly, John
9 Spicuzza, Ken
10 Owens, Russell
10 Rubach, David
10 Ricardo, George
10 Chamberlain, Richie
10 Tsimikas, John
10 Shuler, Chris
16 Jaqueth, Chuck
16 Harris, Joe
18 James, Charlie
18 Sullivan, Jimmy
20 Maginnis, Andy
20 Lehman, Po
20 Calvert, Rich
23 Angelo, Jr., David
24 Podawiltz, Dan
24 Creese, Wayne
"D" Flight (19.0 & Over Handicap)
1 Birzon, Michael
2 Dougherty, Thomas
3 Chesser, Patrick
4 Johnston, Jim
4 Prano, Anthony
6 Williams, Richard
6 Phipps, Phil
8 Harris, Mark
8 Beasley, Ben
10 Hinkley, Danny
10 Bellpigna, Anthony
12 Priest, Fred
12 Ross, Ken
14 Mack, Brian
15 James, Tyrone
16 Wickell, Dan
17 Dalton, Phil
18 James, OJ





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