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On behalf of the entire Golfweek organization, I want to thank you for your membership of the Golfweek Amateur Tour.  We are incredibly proud of our relationship with what we feel is the best option for organized amateur competition for folks like you and me. 


As you know, one of the current benefits of your Golfweek Amateur Tour membership is a subscription to Golfweek Magazine.  Over the past few years, we have made continuing adjustments to the frequency of our printed magazine to better align with how advertisers value our print and online offerings and in the best interests of our long-term business.  Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our advertisers and our overall business, we have had to make even more reductions to the frequency of our printed magazine for the remainder of the year in order to keep our talented writers and support team in place.  We appreciate your understanding.


At the same time, we have invested heavily into to make it the best place for avid golfers and golf fans to get their golf news.  I encourage you to bookmark the site and to subscribe to our daily newsletters.  Here is the link:


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Patrick Leahy
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As a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member, you will receive membership into a -USGA compliant club through and issued an official USGA index.

Within 45 days of joining the tour and filling out the 2020 registration, each member will receive an email from USHandicap with instructions on how to sign into your account. You will not be able to access your Silver membership until you receive the confirmation email. Nothing will be mailed, everything will be done via email address.

See FAQ's here for more information.


Join The Golfweek Amateur Tour and get a free subscription to GOLFWEEK Magazine!

Every member of the Golfweek Amateur Tour receives a free one year subscription to GOLFWEEK Magazine. That includes both digital and print editions.

To start your subscription, you must fill out the tour application when paying your membership fees. Click here to join the Tour. .

Once your first issue has been mailed, you will receive an email from Golfweek with a link to the current digital edition.For more information on digital access, please review the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS here.

NOTE: Please allow 4-6 weeks for your subscription to be activated. Digital subscriptions will only be activated when there is a print issue.

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Scores are listed by flight and strokes for the round.

Position Name Score Points Birdies Eagles AGT Index
Championship Flight (0-3.9 Handicap)
1 Foltz, RJ
2 Barina, Shelden
3 Jones, Mark
4 Woodcock, Dakota
5 Tate, Jason
6 Reigle, Steve
7 Anderson, Cary
8 Gregory, Jason
9 Sain, Robert
10 Yarborough, Dub
11 Mitchell, Clay
12 Haselton, Hall
13 Riley, Derek
14 Levi, Joe
15 Dean, Phillip
16 Wuerth, Matt
"A" Flight (4.0-8.9 Handicap)
1 Walker, Jared
2 Hovis, Steven
3 Harris, Terence
4 Carnacchi, Jeff
5 Love, Ryan
6 Newkirk, James
7 McFarland, Mark
8 Sams, Tom
9 Fredericks, Justin
10 Gronowski, Jacob
11 Hannan, Dave
12 Stewart, Danielle
13 Gillespie, Tim
14 Puzzo, Dan
15 Tu, Thomas
16 Hudson, Daniel
17 Barrett, Jody
18 Reynolds, Wayne
19 Anderson, Bill
20 Geier, Austin
21 Garcia, Jose
22 Wilkins, Mike
23 McGee, Paul
24 Self, Chris
25 Love, Matt
26 Roberts, Jeremy
"B" Flight (9.0-13.9 Handicap)
1 Irwin, Patrick
2 Kieswetter, Ryan
3 Sheron, David
4 Drewry, Jerry
5 Longhurst, Russ
6 Guthrie, Chris
7 Lansfield, Ryan
8 Austin, Cliff
9 Warren, Matt
10 Simpson, James
11 Veltheim, Dave
12 Prescott, Lowe
13 Burnett, Brian
14 Lee, Jason
15 Smith, Kevin
16 Smith, David
17 Eastep, Randy
18 Stewart, Shawn
19 Lane, Brandon
20 Smith, Keith
21 Allen, Ron
22 Smolira, Joe
23 Kelley, Jimmy
24 Oropeza, Armando
25 Rowe, Mark
"C" Flight (14.0-18.9 Handicap)
1 Glass, Jerrod
2 Sumner, Larry
3 Jacobs, James
4 Oden, JC
5 Kelsey, John
6 Jones, Thomas
7 Murphy, Madison
8 Sedman, Sammy
9 Hamm, Jeremy
10 Parker, Matt
11 Pulley, Matthew
12 Helbig, Jeff
13 Hood, Mark
14 Heitz, Mike
15 Hamilton, Scott
16 James, Dennis
"D" Flight (19.0 & Over Handicap)
1 Goodman, Bill
2 Howell, Jeff
3 Anderson, Robbie
4 Guthrie, Rachel
5 Curtis, Ryan
6 McDow, David
7 Smith, Bruce
8 Bates, Bruce
9 Price, Divone
10 Tomlinson, Chris
11 Owens, Jeff
12 Boyd, Thurman
13 Anderson, Audrey
14 Smith, Cain
15 Todd, Anita
16 Perry, Trace





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