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Scores are listed by flight and strokes for the round.

Position Name Score Points Birdies Eagles AGT Index
Championship Flight (0-3.9 Handicap)
1 Zatt, Kyle
2 Kittleson, Scott
3 Ferris, Troy
3 Hanna, Mark
5 Howell, Joshua
5 Kubicz, Paul
7 Trueworthy, Michael
8 Kauffman, Cliff
9 Jeltema, Brian
9 Ryan, Robert
11 Spruill, Matthew
"A" Flight (4.0-8.9 Handicap)
1 Marshall, Donny
2 Lewis, Arthur Jimmy
3 Martin, Kevin
4 Joyner, Lyle
5 DeJesus, Richard
6 Murphee, Michael
6 Redmond, Sean
6 Turnbull, William
6 Wright, Allen
10 Miller, Bradley
11 Crawford, Patrick
11 Middleton, Tim
13 Hall, Jason
13 Lederer, John
13 Mitchell, Michael
13 Sullins, Ron
17 Barrows, Dan
18 Brunk, Kevin
18 Knapstein, Jeff
20 Matthews, Timothy
20 Underwood, Allen
22 Horst, Phillip
22 Triplett, Samuel
24 Nabong, Xerxes
25 Hartung, Theodore
26 Nipp, Bob
27 Baxter, Jason
"B" Flight (9.0-13.9 Handicap)
1 Glab, William
2 Schapowal, Nick
3 Lawson, Keith
4 Stockton, Steven
5 Connolly, Kevin
5 Fleming, Michael
5 Harrell, Leroy
5 Heath, Richard Dail
5 Hopkins, James
5 Hoy, Alan
5 Maitland, Larry
12 Hart, Lee
12 Kattwinkel, Scott
14 Cospelich, Andrew
15 Miller, Mike
16 Knight, Peter
17 Faggert, David
18 Leahy, Craig
18 Manferdini, Daniel
18 Sanford, Zane
21 Woodward, Michael
22 Brock, James
"C" Flight (14.0-18.9 Handicap)
1 McGrath, Michael
2 Grant, Mike
2 Lingo, James
4 Bruce, Darrell
4 Hughes, William
4 Smith, James
4 Spanka, Christopher
8 Enzor, Timothy Wayne
8 Mashburn, Michael
10 Martin, Dave
10 Grant, Andi
12 Bussard, Gene
13 Fredette, Tom
13 Harvey, Joe
15 Maitland, Forest
15 Mayes, Mark
17 Davis, Keenan
17 Hargett, Bobby
19 Wiese, Richard
"D" Flight (19.0 & Over Handicap)
1 Aardahl, Chuck
2 Joynes, Benjamin
3 Crank, Kim
4 Garrick, Gene
4 Hernandez, Moe
4 White, Jeff
7 York, Jennifer
8 Delarosa, Julian
9 Silva, Richard
10 Britton, Mike





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